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Starting up

Posted in Irish, New York by Frieda on September 27, 2009

It’s always hard to come up with an idea for a blog. The problem is there are too many possibilities. What aspect of my life do I want to focus on, which of my interests do I want foreground?

I wanted to write about being Irish in New York, but Irishness always brings with it the risk of cliche. Immediately you think of A Fairytale of New York, of Irish types in Irish pubs downing Guinness wearing plastic shamrock hats. The funny thing is that this type of Irishness does exist in the US — I’ve seen it.

But I want to write about something different and more particular: the life of a modern European girl in the city. I don’t define myself entirely by my nationality; in fact, I’m lucky enough to have a US passport. In terms of religion I’m far from Catholic, really more agnostic, with a half-Lutheran and (yes) half-Catholic upbringing. But still, I’m an alien in New York, and that’s an experience I share with many many Irish people.

So my blog will outline my impressions of America, and specifically of this wonderful city. I’ll talk about culture and politics and whatever else I want. Everything will be filtered through my outsider’s (Irish) view.

Oh, and along the way, I’ll have tips about where to drink and dine, all with a local emphasis you can only get by living here and having time to hang out — for instance, I’m writing this from a vegan cafe in 5th Avenue Brooklyn, surrounded by freelancers and rather surprisingly, businessy types in suits, with Portishead playing in the background (‘Snice — I’d recommend it).

I’m an Irishwoman in New York, but really, I’m an Irish girl in Brooklyn.


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  1. Ronan McCrea said, on January 7, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Hi Frieda, I love your blog! It is so interesting and well written! Am heading back to London after Christmas tomorrow. Hope you had a good xmas break, Good luck for 2010!


  2. Frieda said, on January 11, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Thank you Ronan! Do you have a blog yourself? It’s all the rage these days.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & that we get to meet up soon.

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