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Complex operation

Posted in Uncategorized by Frieda on August 30, 2010

Let's hope this works!*

Dear Reader,

I’m in the process of performing a complicated technical procedure known as ‘exporting’ my blog to another site. When I set up this blog I immediately had a change of mind as to its title — I realised that describing myself as an ‘Irish Woman Abroad’ made me feel like a haggard crone, a Peig Sayers of the 21st century. I’m sure that ambivalence towards adulthood has deep psychological roots, but (moving swiftly on) the result was that I changed my title to ‘Irish girl’. It was too late to alter the URL, and I’m now doing my best to sort that out — you can find my new blog with a more appropriate, Irish Girl Abroad URL here. In the meantime, you may see some glitches on both versions of the site, which I hope to to eliminate soon. When all’s ready and I feel brave enough, I’ll delete this, the old version.

Ta for your patience! xx

*Pic comes from here.


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